Everyone who ever skied knows that ski goggles are essential equipment when skiing on the slopes. But can you use ski goggles when mountain biking, dirt biking, riding a motorcycle or motocross?

In this article i will look into wether you can use your ski goggles for biking sports and if there is a difference between goggles use for these sports.

Can you use snow goggles for mountain biking?

Yes, you could use ski goggles for MTB. But, and of course there is a but, ski goggles are made for skiing and the conditions that are when you ski on slopes in snow.

They are also called snow goggles because they are used for other sports taking place in the snow. They work best in the snow because they usually block som light, which there are more of when skiing, because the snow reflects the natural light.

Even though you could use ski goggles for mountain biking, you would be better off using DH (Down Hill) goggles or MTB goggles that are made for none snow sport activities.

If you insist on using ski goggles for mountain biking, which might be a good idea if you exercise both sports, then you need to look for ski goggles with changeable glasses. This way you can just make the shift to clear glasses when mountain biking and use orange, yellow or grey when skiing.

What is the difference between mountain bike goggles and ski goggles?

There are a big difference between the goggles you usually use for skiing and the goggles you usually use for mountain biking. The main difference is what they are made to help do.

Ski gogglesMTB goggles
Made for blocking the light reflection snow creates and give better visibility for skiers on the slopes.Made for blocking wind and dirt coming towards your head while riding down hill or on a mountainbike trail.
Glasses are colored and different colors can be used for different weather conditions, to help visibility.Glasses are clear, so you have the same sight as without the glasses. From the outside glasses can be dark, mirrored or clear.
Comparison of ski goggles and mountainbike goggles.

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