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 Ski Pole Holds Liquor and Other Adult Beverages! 

As noted in several National and International Publications, and on numerous Web Sites, the Liquid Reservoir Ski Pole provides skiers around the globe the ability to enjoy their favorite libation anytime, anywhere on the slopes without the hassle of carrying an additional container.

Theski pole shaft is made of high grade, strong, lightweight aluminum, but the ingeniousness of the pole is in the handle. It has been specially engineered to have the look, feel, and comfort of a typical ski-pole handle, but its upper section unscrews to provide access to the natural storage capability of the pole. And, the opening is durable plastic so your lips never touch cold metal.

During the manufacturing process, the pole reservoir is thoroughly cleaned before the handle and tip are attached, and while a thorough rinsing with soap and hot water is all that is needed for future cleaning, a cleaning brush is provided with every pair we sell.

Eachwill store approximately 8 oz. of liquid - that's a half pint per pole! Longer poles hold a little more, shorter ones a little less. For variety, put a different beverage in each pole.

OF COURSE, non-alcoholic beverages are NOT recommended in your poles when temperatures are expected to be much below freezing for any length of time.

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